7 Activities to do this Christmas - 2020

Probably like many of us, you are looking for ways to make this year end with the most joy that can be mustered in these covid times. It may take a bit more planning on our parts but there are still lots of ways to make your holidays special. These are things you can do as a family, a couple or small friend group.

1. Christmas Light Tour. I've noticed the lights going up in our area for couple weeks now. And I've also noticed, this year, people are going all out on their outside decorations. Trying to spread joy. (Turns out our village is having a contest for outside Christmas displays to raise the spirit this season. We will definitely print the route map and go vote for our favorite.)

Christmas decorations in front of a lit up house.
Christmas house display. James Wheeler photo on Unsplash

So plan a route for your area. Let other friends or family know. They may follow along in their own vehicles. Pack up a thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks of sugar cookies. Drive slow, take your time. Pull over if you can and even get out if safe to do so. Most people will like that you are enjoying their display. Instead of taking photos, just take time to enjoy the lights and the company. #christmaslights

Campfire burnt down low.
Low burning campfire. Photo by Nika Zhorzholiani from Pexels

2. Backyard Fireside Evening. Invite a few extended family or small group of friends for a fire with Christmas carols and of course smores. Maybe, you could make them with your favorite Christmas chocolates.

Add some hot toddies for the adults and

tah dah 'a toasty evening to remember'.

#campfires #smores

3. Cookie Bake Party. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? Get all the ingredients in and plan a day to gather and bake, bake, bake.

And of course, taste, taste, taste! Put on your Christmas aprons, shirts or socks...play some Christmas tunes.... and make cookies!

Stop every so often to pour some eggnog and taste warm cookies. You might find a new favorite. #christmascookies #bakingtime

4. Christmas Movie Fest. Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie! A couple of mine are It's a Wonderful Life and Muppet Christmas Carol. Plan a day and evening of movie watching. Get in some easy prep food or order take out. Roll the dice to see who chooses first movie.

You can add to this by everyone wearing holiday or favorite pjs and have favorite Christmas snacks on hand. For family you can plan to camp out together and sleep under the tree. For adults you can add a movie drinking game. And most likely end up under the tree ;) . #christmasmovies

5. Nature Days. If there is snow you could build snowmen or other snow sculptures. Make sure to have some water mixed up with food coloring in some squirt or spray bottles so you can a color to your art.

santa mug hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and candy canes
Hot Chocolate in Santa mug. Photo by Anuja Mary Tilj on Unsplash

Or you could go sledding.

Have some hot chocolate on hand for those who need to take a break and warm up. #snowman #hotchocolate #sledding

With or without snow, you could take a walk and gather different evergreen, shrubbery foliage, berry branches or seed pods. Put them in a bucket or large container or just tie a bow around the bundle. Place at your door for your family to enjoy each time they enter. #christmaswreath #naturelover

6. Decorate a Wildlife Tree. Put on the Christmas tunes and start singing. And stringing .. lol, popcorn, fruit and berries. Wrap some trees in your yard with this garland to feed the animals. #wildlifeanimals #christmastreedecorating

white bowl of red cranberries
Cranberries for stringing.

Small winter finch sitting on heart shaped suet cake.
Bird eating on heart shaped suet.

7. Christmas Crafter-noon. Spend the day making Christmas crafts. This could be as simple as making Christmas cards you can send out as a family. I love getting Christmas cards and then I use them to make gift tags.

If you don't have an a craft stash to pull from, you could paint some premade clay or wooden Christmas ornaments or pick up some kits to make something. Decide as a group, wear your Christmas sweaters and get glittering. #christmascrafts #diydecorations

Regardless if you do some of these activities to celebrate Christmas this year or find your own ways to make it a little more special, we hope you have an amazing holiday season filled with love.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,

from The Nicks (Shawn and Fran)