Yes. Garlic gets planted in the fall.

Like spring flowering bulbs, garlic also needs a cold dormant stage after its roots are established. About 6 weeks before your hard frost time should be sufficient. A good rule of thumb is to plant it between Thanksgiving and Halloween. #plantingtime #garlic

Save your largest bulbs from summer harvest to plant later in fall.

basket of garlic on grass
Garlic harvest summer 2020

Prepare the soil by loosening it to a depth of at least 6 in. Just before planting, break up the garlic heads into individual cloves, leaving as much of the papery covering on each clove intact as possible. Plant cloves 3" to 4" deep, orienting them so the pointy ends face up.

Then water lightly to settle the soil, and cover the bed with a 4" to 6" layer of straw.

straw mulched garden bed
Freshly planted garlic bed mulched with straw.

As air temperatures drop, the soil will stay warm enough for the cloves to establish roots before the ground freezes. Sometimes you'll see some green shoots form in fall; a few are fine, but you don’t want them as they take away from the bulb nutrients. That is why not to plant too early.

Small yellowish green garlic shoots growing through mulch.
Spring garlic shoots .

Your garlic plants will begin growing early in spring. Move mulch to edges.